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Share Square is a visual collaboration tool which allows you to organize and share information. I worked at ShareSquare on a part-time basis and full-time basis, a start-up company, from the start until it came to an end, unfortunately.

The challenge & result

I was the User Interface Designer of the team and worked on the interface and general interaction model. Within this start-up environment I learned to work closely with the front-end team and sometimes the back-end team, meaning to learn how to properly work towards solutions that fit the target goals of the user experience, the general target goal of the company which fit within the scope of the technical limits and opportunities.

The work to show is unfortunately limited, due to not being able to show all. Most of my work included concepting features; ideation sketching, building small prototypes for features and building upon these, and designing features; wireframing, building/implementating the design and build upon interactivities that were in base set up by the front-end team.

My input

Ideation concept development user experience design interface design XML/visual IDE implementation (Microsoft Expression Blend)

Project duration

1,5 - 2 years (2010 - 2012).