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SEEd is a playful app which can be played in the Gooi- & Vechtstreek (nature area around Hilversum). It was a project I did at the HKU in the 4th year, among with other students, and was created for an actual client. The client was iTrovator, a network organisation that focusses on enhacing business tourism and leisure in the Gooi en Vecht area. In this project several other organisations had to be taken into account; Goois Natuurreservaat, Natuurmonumenten and Landgoed Zonnestraal.

The challenge & result

The challenge was to make a game or playful experience which can be experienced outside, in the Gooi- & Vechtstreek. Which offers walkers/hikers and bikers a new way to explore and discover the area and to attract a new target audience.

We developed a concept and working prototype which was all about color harvesting in the area. In this project we all worked on the general concept. My main focus and input in this project, as an interaction designer, was to create/design the general interaction model, create the interface (concept and design) and I had a leading role in the design process in which I took responsibility for a fluid implementation of everyone's input (artist, user/playtester, developer, visual/interaction designer from Taiwan, manager).

My input

Research ideation concept development user experience design interface design

Project duration

3-4 months (2012).