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The Playground is a project I did at the HKU in the 2nd year in a team of 6. It's a multiplayer online first person shooter (MOFPS) with a twist; you play with your heartrate! You play a little boy in the playground where your weapons are like the ones you had as a child; a blowpipe, a wooden sword and water balloons. You play in a team of 2 against another team, blue and an orange team. Your mission as a team is to defeat the other team with your weapons while using your heart rate tactically.

The challenge & result

While playing the game the player wears a Polar chest belt (heart rate monitor), its signal is picked up by a HRMI chip which is incorporated into the (Xbox) controller you play with. The information of the chip is used in the game (Unity) to influence the gameplay. When the player has a low heart rate the player is less visible (down to to almost invisible), walks slower and shoot more accurately with a targeted zoom. With a high heart rate the player can run faster, jump higher and shoot less accurately. You play the game tactically with your own heart rate, which you can physically control.

My main contribution to this project was in concept development, designing the interaction model of the heart rate in the game, and the user interface.

My input

Ideation concept development user experience design interface design

Project duration

2 months (2011).