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Introduction, Mybestseller BV, is a self-publishing platform that lets people publish their book themselves; from creating to selling. It guides you through the creating and publishing process, offers various services (editing, cover design, translation, etc.) provided by professionals that can be requested, selling your book on different channels (, Amazon, iBookstore, Google Play, your own webshop and national retailers), and boosting the sales is made easy with the promoting tools and sales insights as well as customer insights. At the same time the platform is a white label platform for companies, universities, organisations, etc., like with it's platform BraveNewBooks.

The challenge & result

The platform was in a stage where it needed a total review of its design to improve the usability and user experience of the platform. This is where I came in. I kept busy with targeted research and user testing, re-conceptualising and designing the General User Interface as well as mapping out the primary and secondary needs and wants of the user, from there on redefining the different processes' and functionalities and thus also designing these. I aimed to make the process of creating and selling a bestseller a more easy flowing experience for the independent author, while at the same time making it easier for service providers to offer their services to the authors.

My input

Research ideation concept re-development user experience design interface design icon design

Project duration

2,5 years (2015 - 2017).