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ARE was a project I did at the HKU along with 3 other students in the 2nd year. The assignment was ‘Design for Space’; we had to design for an actual location with the emphasis on the experience of a real spatial design.

The challenge & result

We made the interactive installation Auditive Rain Experience (ARE) that lets the user enjoy the rain on an auditive level. ARE was designed for the location Vondelpark in Amsterdam to enjoy the city park in rainy days. The user can choose to listen to different rain sounds by selecting one of the different materials (that are on the roof of the installation). The unique sound is strengthened by the speakers. One chooses a material by using the control panel in the chair by making a simple waving gesture above the material in the control panel.

My main contribution to this project was in concept development and designing and developing the chair and the control panel.

My input

Ideation concept development user experience design physical interface design Arduino programming hardware development

Project duration

2 months (2010).