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Accomplisher is a mobile Android app and was conceptualized and designed by me. It was my graduation project at the HKU. My graduation project gave me the change to combine and explore further on several interests; gamification, motivation and behavior, digital tools, information design (visual communication) and social/communities. The programming was done by Raphael Schmitz, from the University of Twente, and written in Java.

The challenge & result

My desk research on the topic of motivation and behavior in the field of psychology formed the main basis of my concept. I digged into the findings of several psychologists and what emperically still holds up. This resulted into finding what mechanics and dynamics were involved and this shaped the main user experience for the app. I conducted usertests to further test these mechanics and dynamics. In the 'One Page Design Document' you can find summaries of my findings and an overview of the concept and design of the app.

It supports the motivation in accomplishing (personal) goals, and thus tasks, in a fun and social manner. In short; you play goal battles with friends to accomplish goals, with a shared interest, through the main mechanic of competition and that enables the more valuable social dynamics on which motivation emphasis will florish. And motivation benefits from social interaction.

My input

Research ideation concept development user experience design interface design icon design front-end development (Android API) promo video design

Project duration

4 months (2013).

One Page Design Document

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