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Rowan Heijsteeg

interaction designer

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As a kid I've always been creative. I loved drawing and doing different arts en crafts. When I was 13 I built my first website. To this day I still have this love for creating things with different mediums (physical and digital). Naturally after high school I studied Graphic Design at the GLR (Graphical Lyceum Rotterdam). It gave me a good base in art and design knowledge and skills, yet I still craved for more. I wanted to be able to create something meaningful, functional and multi-dimensional.

So I decided to continue studying and learn about Interaction Design. 4 years later I graduated from HKU (Utrecht School of the Arts).

Interaction Design makes me observe, analyse, question, search, learn, try, create, do, ideate, test, play, implement, explore and so much more. I'm interested in motivation as a motor for behavior and I love designing simple, useful & persuasive solutions.


Analysing and exploring relevant and targeted research in order to develop meaningful concepts.

Making a concept understandable and tangible through infographics, diagrams, flowcharts, wireframes, one page design documents, etc.

Designing user oriented interfaces and other venues in an adaptive and scrum process, which look and feel good.

Working in teams in a collaborative way, as well as individual, to join strengths and forces to attain an optimal end result.


Gamification psychology motivation & behavior digital tools information design social/communities visual design service design art & art history arts & culture fabric & clothing design interior design sustainability


Sketch Abstract Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Adobe Indesign Adobe Flash HTML/CSS React AS3 Git SVN Proto.io InVision Microsoft Expression Blend Eclipse (Android SDK) Arduino Processing (Processing.org) OpenFrameworks (openframeworks.cc) XML

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Just mail to rowan.heijsteeg@gmail.com